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Feb. 165 p.m.FordhamWinston-Salem, N.C.
Feb. 17NoonIllinoisWinston-Salem, N.C.
Feb. 182 p.m.AkronWinston-Salem, N.C.
Feb. 204 p.m.UNC GreensboroGreensboro, N.C.
Feb. 234 p.m.DaytonWinston-Salem, N.C.
Feb. 242 p.m.DaytonWinston-Salem, N.C.
Feb. 251 p.m.DaytonWinston-Salem, N.C.
Feb. 274 p.m.N.C. A&TGreensboro, N.C.
March 14 p.m.BinghamtonWinston-Salem, N.C.
March 24 p.m.ValparaisoWinston-Salem, N.C.
March 32 p.m.ElonWinston-Salem, N.C.
March 54 p.m.GeorgetownWinston-Salem, N.C.
March 86 p.m.Duke*Winston-Salem, N.C.
March 94 p.m.Duke*Winston-Salem, N.C.
March 102 p.m.Duke*Winston-Salem, N.C.
March 124 p.m.Coastal CarolinaConway, S.C.
March 156 p.m.Va.*Charlottesville, Va.
March 164 p.m.Va.*Charlottesville, Va.
March 171 p.m.Va.*Charlottesville, Va.
March 196 p.m.High PointWinston-Salem, N.C.
March 217 p.m.Louisville*Winston-Salem, N.C.
March 226 p.m.Louisville*Winston-Salem, N.C.
March 231 p.m.Louisville*Winston-Salem, N.C.
March 264 p.m.LibertyLynchburg, Va.
March 295 p.m.N.C.*Winston-Salem, N.C.
March 307 p.m.N.C.*Winston-Salem, N.C.
March 311 p.m.N.C.*Winston-Salem, N.C.
April 26 p.m.UNC GreensboroWinston-Salem, N.C.
April 57 p.m.Va. Tech*Blacksburg, Va.
April 67 p.m.Va. Tech*Blacksburg, Va.
April 71 p.m.Va. Tech*Blacksburg, Va.
April 96 p.m.Coastal CarolinaWinston-Salem, N.C.
April 126 p.m.Boston College*Chestnut Hill, Mass.
April 132 p.m.Boston College*Chestnut Hill, Mass.
April 141 p.m.Boston College*Chestnut Hill, Mass.
April 166 p.m.UNC WilmingtonDurham, N.C.
April 196 p.m.Florida State*Winston-Salem, N.C.
April 204 p.m.Florida State*Winston-Salem, N.C.
April 211 p.m.Florida State*Winston-Salem, N.C.
April 236 p.m.ElonElon, N.C.
April 265 p.m.Notre Dame*South Bend, Ind.
April 277 p.m.Notre Dame*South Bend, Ind.
April 281 p.m.Notre Dame*South Bend, Ind.
April 306 p.m.Appalachian StateShelby, N.C.
May 16 p.m.High PointHigh Point, N.C.
May 46 p.m.Western CarolinaWinston-Salem, N.C.
May 51 p.m.Western Carolina (DH)Winston-Salem, N.C.
May 5TBAWestern Carolina (DH)Winston-Salem, N.C.
May 86 p.m.N.C. A&TWinston-Salem, N.C.
May 106 p.m.Clemson*Winston-Salem, N.C.
May 114 p.m.Clemson*Winston-Salem, N.C.
May 12NoonClemson*Winston-Salem, N.C.
May 147 p.m.LibertyWinston-Salem, N.C.
May 166 p.m.NC State*Raleigh, N.C.
May 177 p.m.NC State*Raleigh, N.C.
May 184 p.m.NC State*Raleigh, N.C.

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