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Jewels Harris, Host

Since 2003, Jewels Harris has built a solid business that has earned him national recognition and respect from his peers.  He helps clients prepare financial plans for individuals and families, covering various aspects of personal finance such as retirement planning, risk management, insurance, estate planning and asset preservation.  Jewels is a Licensed Insurance Professional.

“It’s truly fulfilling to help others succeed and know my work is positively affecting their lives.  I always put my clients’ best interest first and strive to help as many people struggling to manage their money as I can,” said Jewels.

His dedication to his clients is undeniable.  Jewels is in it for the long haul, whether that means driving across the state of North Carolina to meet with a client or taking a work call after hours, he goes the extra mile.  His goal is to help everyone, both individuals and families, have thorough and well-thought-out plans in place to preserve their income for retirement,

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